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Retail Excellence – Retail Retreat 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Venue: Citywest Hotel, Saggart, County Dublin

Dates: May 15th, 2018


Established in 1995, Retail Excellence has become the largest retail industry trade body in Ireland. With over 1,600 leading retail companies as members, it provides the largest and most knowledgeable group of experts and leaders in the industry to exchange and network on relevant trends and platforms.

Retail Retreat offers is an annual conference that delivers relevant presentations, discussions, and insights in the industry. It provides a unique opportunity for retailers to engage with each other.

We are excited to exhibit at the Retail Retreat 2018. Find out more about our wide variety of services before the conference at and feel free to stop by our booth to talk to us about your interests and challenges in the industry! 



Industrial Training Centre Sub-Branch Stocktakes Training Centre Sub-Branch Stocktakes
Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation Shelf Labelling Installation
Accuracy and Price Compliance Audit Solution and Price Compliance Audit Solution
Materials and Equipment Inventory of Closed Offices and Equipment Inventory of Closed Offices
Compliance Accuracy of Internal Inventory Accuracy of Internal Inventory