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How It Works

You can benefit from the years of RGIS Ireland experience, across multiple retailers in Ireland, to ensure you are making the most of your data.

  • Need - bespoke, regular or ad hoc insights to suit your business requirements
  • Flexibility - access to a Data Analyst without having to employ someone full-time
  • Understanding - Discovery Day to understand your data and your requirements
  • Reporting - focussed on your KPIs
  • Ease - simple reports with vast amounts of data to identify trends
  • Conclusions – mine the data to highlight issues and successes in your business in Ireland
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Take the hard work out of analysing your data and focus on the actions that can be made from the insights provided by RGIS Ireland.

  • Utilising of all the industry experience of RGIS Ireland to help drive the use of Business Intelligence in your company
  • Producing the reports in the format, and with the detail, that you need
  • Providing on-going communication to keep up-to-date with your business requirements
  • Use an RGIS Ireland Analyst to mine your data, report the findings and suggest conclusions to support your business decision making process
  • Benefit from shared process and best practice that has delivered actionable insights for other customers in Ireland
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Consolidation of Inventory Data Across Multiple Stores

Dashboard showing data analytics