Combined Internal and External Third Party Logistics Warehouse Count

One of the largest specialty fashion retailer group in Australia, with 1,100 stores nationally, required the support of RGIS. The fashion retailer consists of multiple brands.


The fashion retailer needed a solution to count stock within a third party logistics warehouse (3PL) as stock level accuracy had been identified as dropping.

  • The fashion retailer required RGIS to provide the following:
  • To complete a full stocktake within the 3PL warehouse to update stock on hand levels
  • Work with the 3PL staff to ensure accuracy
  • All stock to be counted even at high levels within the 3PL warehouse


The fashion retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the 3PL stock on hand accuracy project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • RGIS agreed to use a hybrid model of RGIS staff and 3PL staff to count stock
  • The stocktake was completed over an eight day period with RGIS supplying a total of 232 experienced auditors over the duration of the project
  • An additional 80 handhelds were provided each day for 3PL staff to utilise who were trained on their use by RGIS Supervisors
  • As a lot of stock was stored at height on mixed pallets, all stock had to be brought down to ground level to be opened and scanned


The fashion retailer found by outsourcing the 3PL stock on hand accuracy project to RGIS the following results were achieved:

  • Scanned a total of:
  • 2,069,176 units
  • 527,408 SKUs
  • 60,008 bin locations
  • The customer was able to update all stock on hand levels in readiness for the new year
  • The 3PL provider now had a base to continue to perform cyclical counts on an ongoing basis with an aim to keep stock on hand levels updated accurately