How It Works

Invariably large quantities of stock is checked in or booked out throughout the supply chain, most of the time what is being checked is not 100% accurate. Many retailers accept internal deliveries in good faith, as the financial consequences of inaccuracy remain within the business. However, the same process can be applied to external suppliers providing the right checks and balances are inplace. RGIS Ireland can offer the audit and reporting tools to make this process work coherently.


Small teams of trusted trained professionals


Data flows seamlessly to your stock management system


Quickly confirm and correct variances for internal and external deliveries


Deliveries checks at store, warehouse or distribution centre


Labour savings from accepting supplier deliveries in Good Faith (Good Faith Receiving - GFR)


Efficiencies driven by improved turnaround times in depot

Stock flow

Faster flow of stock through the supply chain - 'Just In Time' principles adhered to


Provides real time data with which to drive continued accuracy performance

Supplier deliveries

Provides a mechanism with which to communicate claims to suppliers for inaccurate deliveries extrapolated across an invoicing period

Why RGIS Ireland?

Delivery accuracy from suppliers is not an option, it is a necessity both internally and externally

  • Nationwide reach and local support with district offices across Ireland
  • Reliable professional people – team members are all hired and trained by RGIS Ireland
  • Dedicated Account Management Support
  • Experts in supply chain solutions
  • Reports available in many formats
  • 64+ years of experience
  • IT expertise and innovative technology
  • Our processes can be completed with minimal operational disruption

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