How It Works

On hand cycle counts stay accurate and your employees stay engaged with customers.

Dedicated teams

Auditors quickly become familiar with your stock and store layouts

Reliable cycles

We stay on schedule to maintain accuracy and improve efficiency

Productive counts

Completed quickly without disrupting your staff or customers

Increased accuracy

Variances are found and immediately resolved


Tablet (paperless) inventories gives live progress and is environmentally friendly


All auditor employees are fully trained within retail environments


With offices across Ireland we have the staff to perform your daily cycle counts


RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory produces the most transparent and efficient in-store checking

Why RGIS Ireland?

Customer satisfaction is directly related to stocktaking accuracy

  • Accurate stocktaking data you can trust
  • Any variances are discovered and resolved before they become problems or stock gaps
  • Better stock availability will keep your stores fully stocked, including perishable food sections
  • Customer expectations met by providing omni-channel options your customers can trust
  • With offices across Ireland, RGIS Ireland can cover all of your stores wherever they are
  • Tablet (paperless) inventories provide remote view on your inventories on any device

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