Why RGIS Ireland

Our experts and resources can help you complete any supply chain project, including wall-to-wall counts and delivery checks.

Knowledgeable project management,
IT expertise and trained auditors

Conveniently close with offices
across the UK and Ireland

Partnership approach,
maximise both your resources and ours

Experience with small, medium,
large and extremely large projects


The hands-on resources and tools to accurately capture your stocktaking data in Ireland

Manufacturing and Industrial Stocktaking – RGIS Vision

Topographic Inventory

Warehouse Targeted Count

Warehouse Wall-to-Wall Counts

Supply Chain

RGIS Ireland believe that businesses can make significant cost savings through labour reductions and performance improvements within their supply chain

Delivery Checks and Pick Accuracy

Good Faith Receiving

Retail Supply Chain Audits

Supply Chain Audits

Warehouse Staff Support Services

Examples of RGIS Ireland Manufacturing and Warehouse Success Stories

Wall to Wall
Inventory Count

By partnering with RGIS Ireland, the beauty retailer found they had an accurate and full understanding of the six million stock items and their locations within their central warehouse

Delivery Checks &
Pick Accuracy

As a result of the work that RGIS Ireland completed, the logistics company was able to identify training needs in their pickers and improve processes to reduce delivery order errors

Manufacturing &
Industrial Stocktaking

By partnering with RGIS Ireland, the finance division of a leading corporation was able to clearly see an accurate inventory of machinery that was in each of their dealerships, and was able to follow up on all exceptions

Location Mapping

As a result of the work completed by RGIS Ireland, the client received an accurate, and updated stock file offering clear insight into product availability Location mapping across the eight warehouses facilitated improved pick accuracy The combination of these activities enabled the client to make more informed decisions regarding stock flow