How It Works

Our experienced team in Ireland will complete your warehouse inventory project to your exact specifications.


Successful history of planning and completing inventory projects


Proven management, IT expertise and fully trained auditors


RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory produces the most transparent in-store checking process


Stock data flows seamlessly to your stock warehouse management system

Independent processes

Accuracy at location and at item level

Partnership approach

Leverage your resources and ours together


Equipped with handheld scanners and set documented processes


With offices across Ireland we have the staff to perform your retail warehouse count


Bespoke reports will give you the information you need on your warehouse inventory

Why RGIS Ireland?

Incorrect stock data within your retail warehouse is not an option

  • Any stock variances are discovered and resolved before they become issues
  • Customer expectations will be met by providing omni-channel options you can trust
  • Tablet (paperless) inventories remote view on your warehouse inventories on any device
  • Ensure all relevant stock items are in the correct locations within the warehouse
  • Accurate warehouse inventory data you can trust
  • With offices across Ireland, RGIS Ireland can cover all of your warehouses wherever they are

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