Delivery Checks from Warehouse to Store

A hypermarket chain was finding major discrepancies in stock numbers from warehouse to store and wanted to understand the reasons behind these variations

with a stock replenishment project.


The hypermarket identified that there were issues getting their stock from warehouse to store and wanted to understand the reasons why there were issues.

The customer required from RGIS the following:

  • 23 hypermarket stores to be checked
  • Needed all store deliveries checked from warehouse
  • Identify reasons for stock variations from warehouse to store
  • Check pallets, paperwork and correct destinations


Following discussions with all stakeholders and understanding what detail the hypermarket required about the stock replenishment project, RGIS implemented the following:

  • All 23 hypermarkets were supported
  • A team of eight experienced RGIS staff were in store for eight hours each day, checking six deliveries consisting of 33 pallets in each truck
  • Photographic evidence was taken of incorrect pallets
  • Daily reports sent to the hypermarket


By partnering with RGIS, the hypermarket was able to identify where the anomalies were taking place. The reporting showed a 10% stock inconsistency of stock from warehouse to store. The issues that were identified were:

  • Trucks going to incorrect destinations
  • Incorrect paperwork
  • Stock missing on pallets
  • With the evidence to support the anomalies, the hypermarket was then able to rectify the issues and improve supply chain accuracy.