Helping to Reduce Shrinkage of Perishable Items

A national supermarket chain with stores across the UK and Ireland required a third party to complete supply chain audits to reduce shrinkage of perishable items.


The national supermarket chain partnered with RGIS to carry out the supply chain audits. The customer required RGIS to complete the following:

  • An audit of delivery accuracy of perishable items to each store
  • Checks of perishable items with minimum shelf life, to confirm sell by dates
  • An audit of picking accuracy
  • Checks from both supplier and at store


RGIS worked with the national supermarket chain to create custom auditing reports which included:

  • Samples of deliveries (5%) being checked for pick accuracy
  • Perishable items being checked and logged if out-of-date or about to expire
  • Audits being conducted of vendor deliveries to stores


The national supermarket chain found by outsourcing the supply chain audits to RGIS that the following was achieved:

  • Better product availability for the stores and customers
  • A reduction in shrink from vendor to store
  • Less out-of-date perishables, as sell by dates could now be closely monitored
  • Labour savings in-store, as checks were done prior to products arriving at store