Industrial Training Centre Sub-Branch Stocktakes

​An institution created by the National Society of Industries and with the aim of giving thousands of young people the opportunity to professionally train in industrial activities; and also in installations, repairs and maintenance for any other economic activity required the support of RGIS.


A training centre for industrial manufacturing professionals, required support from RGIS to complete stocktakes in sub-branches which were further distributed to three warehouses. The customer required the following:

  • Location of stock within 13 sub-branches
  • Link stock of sub-branch to corresponding warehouse
  • Count items in pages, units, meters and gallons
  • Accurate reporting of stock by sub-branch and warehouse


The training centre partnered with RGIS to complete the sub-branch stocktake project. RGIS carried out the following:

  • Scheduled a team of 40 experienced RGIS auditors
  • RGIS teams covered all 13 sub-branches
  • Allocated 84 hours for the project, including preparation and reporting time


The training centre found that by outsourcing the sub-branch stocktake project to RGIS, the following was successfully achieved:

  • Accurately counted 10,171 stock items
  • The logistics and distribution of stock has been improved
  • The customer had complete control of their stock within the 13 sub-branches