Inventory Record Accuracy Project

A global makeup manufacturer that has 36 different brands, with a presence in 150 countries and 88,000 employees required the support of RGIS. Creating and producing cosmetics at a local level, so that the formulations are perfectly adapted to the needs of the consumers, wherever they live. To achieve that, developed a worldwide network of research, innovation and marketing hubs, one for each of the strategic markets in the United States, Japan, Brazil, China, India and South Africa.


A global makeup manufacturer required an accurate warehouse stocktake because:

  • The customer was unsure and unaware of stock levels
  • Consignments going in and out of the warehouse were unchecked
  • Stock levels being undetermined were impacting profitability
  • Stock levels being unknown were impacting availability within stores


The global makeup manufacturer partnered with RGIS to complete the wall-to-wall warehouse stocktake, and provided the following:

  • Provided a team of experienced RGIS auditors
  • Exact stock numbers were identified
  • Ensured the customer did not have excess stock levels in any product lines
  • Established whether the customer was running at low stock levels for any product lines


The global makeup manufacturer found by outsourcing the wall-to-wall warehouse stocktake to RGIS, the following was achieved:

  • All cages were counted within the warehouses
  • Identified that testers and samples were in excess of the stock items expected. Which meant the manufacturer was able to redistribute the testers and samples to stores
  • The global makeup manufacturer saved in excess of £30,000 as the customer did not need to reorder stock for over eight months