Loss Prevention Audit

A supermarket chain’s objective was to have an independent, accurate and impartial audit on how compliant stores are on their stock protection process and procedures, whilst ensuring that the necessary corrective action was taken.


RGIS to complete an independent, accurate and impartial loss prevention audit which consisted of:

  • Unannounced audits to all stores, within an agreed period
  • Consistent measure across all stores
  • Tailored reporting that would identify compliance and create an action plan per store
  • Accurate audits conducted in a professional way
  • Provide improvement recommendations on a store by store basis


The RGIS approach was to listen to the supermarket chain’s requirements and as well as gaining a clear understanding of their end goals and objectives, complete with any existing barriers:

  • A project manager was assigned in order to capture the much needed detailed customer requirement and to manage the project from start to finish
  • A dedicated audit team was selected, fully trained by the customer and accredited for this project
  • The collaborative approach enabled RGIS to review the current process and procedures without any resistance, resulting in the decision making and solution finding to be a very smooth process


The supermarket chain found the outcome of this project was a success from the beginning, due to the fact that the key metrics had been established with RGIS from the outset.

Key stats:

  • Improved awareness of the loss prevention requirements and process across all the supermarket chain’s stores
  • Multiple version of the store compliance was reduced one single version, with easy access to all stakeholders
  • Audit non-compliance reduced from 91% in the first cycle to 15% during the third cycle
  • Availability of product protection equipment at the first cycle increased from 40% to 85%