Merchandising Support Services

The UK’s leading retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products and services, with more than 700 stores with over 10,000 employees required the support of RGIS. Through the retailer’s autocentres, it is also one of the UK’s leading independent operators in vehicle, servicing, maintenance and repairs, satisfying more than 750,000 customers every year.


The motoring and cycling retailer needed a solution in the middle of a store refurbishment program, and the support of RGIS merchandising services.

The retailer required RGIS to provide the following:

  • To provide additional support to ensure the stores reopened on time, with a small team of experienced merchandises
  • Work closely with the store’s in-house teams
  • Shifts of 12 hours to meet deadlines
  • National coverage


The motoring and cycling retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the merchandising support project, and provided the following:

  • Scheduled teams of two or three experienced RGIS staff per store, dependent on size of the store
  • Replenished stock on shelves
  • Ensured stock was front edge, nicely stacked and with the label facing out
  • Cleaned and tidied the store


The motoring and cycling retailer found by outsourcing the merchandising support project to RGIS the following results were achieved:

  • All stores had the relevant shelves fully stocked
  • The stores were able to open on time as planned, with no issues
  • The customer’s high standards were met at all times