Retail Store Bay Labelling Compliance

Sainsbury’s, a major nationwide supermarket chain with over 650 main stores and over 700 convenience stores, required the support of RGIS to manage the maintenance of its permanent bay labelling across all of the store estate.


Sainsbury’s chose RGIS to manage the maintenance of their permanent bay labelling across all of their store estate. They required the following:

  • The floor plans, that were held centrally, to accurately reflect the numbering of the bay IDs in their stores
  • To allow space survey measurements to be taken periodically in each store
  • To produce store specific planograms, as it was vital that the bay ID number was correct


RGIS worked with Sainsbury’s to provide the following:

  • 2-3 experienced auditors for 3-4 hours per store, to compare centrally held floor plans to the actual labelling in store
  • Any labels which were missing, damaged or in wrong order/placement were quickly identified
  • The labels were repaired and replaced with new labels to ensure the floor plan was correct to actual bays and numbers within each specific store


Partnering with RGIS helped Sainsbury’s in the following ways:

  • To manage all stores use of space against centrally held floor plans to ensure consistency and compliance across the estate
  • Confirmed that correct products were procured at all times
  • Ensured products were ranged and displayed across the estate in the correct locations.


“RGIS have delivered a great service in helping us to drive bay labelling ID compliance. The Smartspace space accuracy programme has indicated where we have a need for label implementation, following on from our investment schemes, and RGIS quickly turn around the re-labelling jobs to a consistently accurate standard. As well as driving space accuracy to an industry leading standard, this has also helped us to keep our SSPOG’s (Store Specific Planograms) on track.”

Graeme Joyce, Operational Space Manager, Commercial Operations, Sainsbury’s