Small Parts Industrial Inventory Count

One of the world's leading manufacturers of cast iron cylinder liners for medium-speed four-stroke engines needed to have all small industrial parts counted without impacting on production.


The manufacturer needed to ensure all of their small parts were counted without stopping or impacting on production. The customer requested the following:

  • All small production parts to be counted, totalling 150,000 altogether
  • Create accurate reports
  • No downtime on production line


Following discussions with all stakeholders and understanding what detail the manufacturer required about the small parts inventory project, RGIS implemented the following:

  • Scheduled the count to take place when production line was not in use – between Christmas and New Year, while the customer had an internal holiday
  • Assembled an experienced team of 20 RGIS staff


By partnering with RGIS, the parts manufacturer was able to understand their small parts inventory quantities without impacting on production:

  • The manufacturer saved on down-time, as previously the customer lost two days of production when completing inventory in-house, after the internal holidays
  • Production no longer needed to stop, with RGIS completing the small part inventory count for them
  • The customer now understands exactly what their small parts inventory levels are, which ensures parts are not over ordered, or out of stock when required