Stock Replenishment on Shelves at all Times of the Day

A hypermarket chain needed to have stock replenishment within all of the company’s 23 stores both day and night. This was to ensure the stores had full stock availability for customers on all product lines.


The hypermarket chain found that customers were seeing out of stock items on shelves, when in reality there was additional stock in the back room:

  • 23 hypermarket stores required support
  • Needed all shop floor shelves in all departments checked
  • The shelves with missing stock to be immediately replenished
  • Stock replenishment required both day and night


Following discussions with all stakeholders and understanding what detail the hypermarket chain required about the stock replenishment, RGIS implemented the following:

  • Between two and ten RGIS staff were required per store
  • All 23 hypermarkets were supported
  • Checks were made on the shop floor of where stock gaps were
  • As soon as a stock gap on a shelf was identified the relevant stock was taken from the back room and added to the shelf
  • Shifts were conducted both day and night


By partnering with RGIS, the hypermarket chain were able to have fully stocked shelves at all times:

  • Completed shifts when required day and night
  • All shelves were fully stocked at all times
  • The hypermarket’s customers were happier as the stock could be found on the shelves at all times