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How It Works

Our team becomes your team. RGIS professionals work with you to manage and implement counts at your warehouse. The mix of experience, proven processes and the right equipment deliver the accuracy you need.
  • Resources – proven management, IT expertise and fully trained auditors within warehouse environments
  • Experience – familiar with warehouse management systems
  • Warehouse preparation – we support warehouses and factories to get ready for the count to increase efficiency
  • Technology – paperless inventories
  • Accountability – on-hands visibility and reconciliation performed to your specifications
  • Data access – remote view to look at inventory data on your project within your warehouse on any device
  • Detail – drill down to give you as much information that you need even down to sku (stock keeping unit)
  • Equipped – prepared for success with handheld scanners and set agreed processes
  • Reliable –successful history of planning and completing projects within industrial and manufacturing industries
  • Reporting – expiry and best before dates can be incorporated within your bespoke reports
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Because accuracy is not an option, it is a necessity.

  • Tablet technology gives you live progress of your warehouse stock project
  • Increased stock accuracy reduces duplicate items being ordered
  • Our new recruit training and on-boarding programmes are the leading standard
  • RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory provides the most transparent checking process
  • Flow and Deployment process enables the Count Manager to minimise warehouse disruption
  • With offices across UK and Ireland RGIS can cover all of your warehouses wherever they are
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