Why Inventory Preparation Is Important

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Some people say, "it's all about the prep" when it comes to achieving an accuracy inventory result. Results show that the more organised your store is, the better the inventory accuracy will be. At RGIS, accuracy is our primary concern, so this is a topic close to our hearts.

Accuracy and timeliness go hand-in-hand, meaning there is a potential for mutual cost savings to enjoy.

Here are a few preparation ideas for your consideration:

Prepare for the requirements

  • Ensure all merchandise has a scannable and visible barcode
  • Bring down or pull out high wall or hidden merchandise
  • Pre-listing displays or mannequins
  • General organising and housekeeping of the area

Why: It is important to keep the backroom and salesfloor areas clutter-free and be sure to clear emergency walkways and safety stations. The neater the area is before we count, the neater it will be when we finish!

Evaluate your on-hand estimated inventory units

  • What is your current on-hand unit count?
  • What type of shipments are expected before inventory day?
  • What big sales events may be occurring before inventory that will affect stock levels?

Why: Inventory estimates determine staffing for your event. Let us know of any last minute changes so we can appropriate the right number of specialists needed for on-time completion.

Share your store’s layout and changes with us

  • Major product mix changes
  • Floor plan design, updates, or changes
  • Areas of renovation

Why: Safety is important to us! This will help us safely locate products quicker to perform more efficient and accurate counts. It will also help us plan safety routes in case of emergencies.

Proper planning and preparation are the beginning for accurate inventory. We care about your goals and needs, so we take our process very seriously to provide the right resources and support.

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