Compliance Accuracy of Internal Inventory

A mid-to-high end retailer which operates one of the largest chain of department stores in Mexico, with over 135 stores nationwide. The customer previously had the store inventories completed by RGIS but decided to perform the inventories internally due to radio-frequency identification (RFID).


The department stores wanted to complete an external audit of the internal inventories, to check accuracy levels. They required the following:

  • Audits to take place in all 136 stores
  • Audits to be completed within 2 days, per store
  • Validation of internal store inventory
  • Comparison report of internal to external inventories


The department stores partnered with RGIS to complete the following:

  • A team of 30 experienced RGIS auditors assigned to the accuracy project
  • The RGIS team completed the following:
  • Placing and sequencing of area tickets – 200 area tickets
  • Personnel planning
  • Audited the equipment and materials
  • Random counting checks – 100 items reviewed
  • Reports completed daily


The department stores found by outsourcing the accuracy project to RGIS, the following was achieved:

  • Identified issues within the internal counting process
  • 99% accuracy from RGIS
  • Gave the customer confidence in the internal team, and reassurance from RGIS with high accuracy levels