Inventory Control across a Pharmacy Chain

A pharmacy chain, established in 2013 and based in Brazil, required the support of RGIS. The pharmacy chain prides itself with the trust they earn from suppliers, employees and customers.


The pharmacy chain’s goal was to have inventory and financial control of the company to continue the expansion of the network, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Experience within a pharmacy environment
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Complete store counts within all seven pharmacy stores
  • Complete the project in three consecutive days
  • Provide accurate reporting in the format requested


The pharmacy chain partnered with RGIS to complete the pharmacy store inventory count project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Guidance on how to prepare stock and stores for inventories prior to attending
  • Scheduled a team of eight experienced RGIS auditors to count all stores over three consecutive days
  • Accuracy checks were competed at all stores


The pharmacy chain found by outsourcing the pharmacy store inventory count project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Accurately counted just under 375,000 units in total
  • Reports were provided in the format the customer requested for all pharmacy stores
  • Completed the project within the time frame requested by the customer
  • The customer was very satisfied with the service provided by RGIS

The pharmacy chain has continued to use RGIS for the inventories of all pharmacy stores, and now have a total of 20 stores in Brazil.