Office Building Full Asset Count

A professional financial services firm which is focused on delivering specialist solutions to complex, diverse and growing organisations, needed to have an independent, accurate impartial asset count completed.


The professional services firm partnered with RGIS to understand what assets they had in two main office buildings. To enable them to update the asset register. The customer needed the following:

  • Accurate audit conducted in a professional way
  • To have all assets tagged with a unique identifier
  • Understand the location of assets


RGIS worked with the professional services firm to complete a full asset count, RGIS implemented the following:

  • A team of two experienced auditors were sent to prepare for the asset audit in both the firm’s offices
  • Every asset was tagged using a unique tag number
  • RGIS captured all the relevant information associated to that unique tag number, including a product description, serial number and colour
  • Each asset was recorded on a spreadsheet in the bespoke format requested by the firm, and all data was sent back to them


The professional services firm found partnering with RGIS meant the time, effort and cost of over ordering assets had been eliminated.

  • The data was in a format requested by the firm, so the customer could add to and amend to the existing asset register
  • The location of all the fixed assets was now available to the professional services firm, not only the quantity, so they can now move assets between buildings rather than ordering additional items