Perishable Items Supply Chain Audit

A British multinational retailer with 32 million customers across the world known for award-winning food, clothing and homeware. With more than 1,400 stores across 57 countries and over 50 international websites.


The British multinational retailer required a third party to complete supply chain audits to establish:

  • An audit of delivery accuracy to each store
  • Checks of perishable items with minimum life
  • An audit of picking accuracy
  • Checks from supplier and at store


The British multinational retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the following:

  • Create bespoke auditing reports
  • Samples of deliveries (5%) being checked for pick accuracy
  • Perishable items being checked and logged if out of date or about to expire
  • Audits being conducted of vendor deliveries to stores


The British multinational retailer found by outsourcing their supply chain audits to RGIS:

  • Better product availability for customers
  • Reduction in shrink from vendor to store
  • Less out of date perishables
  • Labour savings in-store as checks were done prior to products arriving at-store