Planogram Compliance Across Full Estate

A drugstore chain, operating in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey and Albania, needed all of its 220 stores in Hungary to be planogram compliant. Some of the drugstore chain stores had no store maps in place at all. 


RGIS provided inventories for eight years for the drugstore chain, so it was an ideal opportunity to combine services for customer’s planogram project.

The drugstore chain needed to ensure that each of their 220 stores were planogram compliant. So RGIS needed to determine the following:

  • Identify which stores already had planograms that needed to be checked
  • Establish which stores had no planograms


Following discussions with all stakeholders and understanding what detail the drugstore chain required about the planogram project. RGIS implemented the following:

  • Full store survey and store mapping was completed in all 220 stores
  • Each store had a team of five experienced RGIS auditors to complete the full store survey and store mapping within four hours
  • Two stores were completed each day


By partnering with RGIS, the drugstore chain was able to complete their planogram project:

  • All of their 220 stores had full store surveys and store mapping completed. This identified that the existing planograms consisted of incorrect measurements, and approximately 50% of their stores had no planograms at all
  • The project was completed within the tight timeframe given
  • All stores are now planogram compliant, so the drugstore chain can accurately plan branding, POS displays and merchandising across all stores going forward