New RGIS Partner in Canada

Posted on 21 March 2024 by RGIS
RGIS New Partner Canada

RGIS is pleased to announce a new partnership in Canada: Inventory People Inc. powered by RGIS

Inventory People is a premier Canadian inventory company, offering experienced inventory counting specialists to their clients. As a third-party inventory service company, Inventory People will provide auditors, managers, and consultants to companies throughout Canada. With expertise in managing inventories in various settings such as retail stores, warehouses, distribution centres, and industrial environments, Inventory People can help you streamline your inventory count process and save money. Whatever your inventory needs may be, Inventory People has the experienced personnel to assist you.

Partnering with RGIS will give Inventory People additional support and infrastructure to provide ongoing accurate inventory and asset verification results to their customers in Canada. Inventory People and their customers will benefit from the use of RGIS’s cutting-edge technology and inventory management systems, which help streamline operations and increase efficiency. RGIS wireless inventory counting technology allows for secured data capturing. There are no limits to what can be captured and or validated. The RGIS proprietary hardware and software solutions are specifically designed to deliver accuracy, speed, and reliability.

The strength of the RGIS and Inventory People partnership is unbeatable. The numbers speak for themselves with over 3,000 satisfied customers, 174,000 inventories a year and over 13,000 people using the inventory counting solution, every day. This allows Inventory People to provide superior service to their clients, leverage the company’s brand recognition and reputation to grow the business in Canada.

Becoming a partner with RGIS offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business while also benefiting from the support and resources of a well-established and successful company. With RGIS’ proven track record of success and ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, there has never been a better time to join the RGIS franchise network.