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How It Works

Replace your paper labels with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and adopt a dynamic and reliable pricing policy.

  • Simple and smooth installation process - brackets, fixing rails or pins to match the dimensions of the furniture
  • Commissioning of ESLs - initialisation of each label and verification of labelling compliance
  • Maintenance service in case of failure
  • Assistance and management of the deployment of new equipment
  • Link the electronic shelf labels to the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) product code
  • Dismantle old racking
  • Set up new racking
  • Install the electronic shelf labels in the correct locations
  • ESLs can be installed quickly and efficiently
  • Installations can be completed when is convenient for you even if that is over-night

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Because our technology is made for you, rely on the expertise and know-how of the RGIS teams so that the in-store deployment is a complete success.

  • Established partnerships with the main manufacturers of ESL
  • Customised service established according to your specifications
  • National coverage to cover all your stores
  • We also have a global network of 200+ offices with more than 34,000 employees
  • We give you the resources to make sure your vision is a reality in all stores

Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting and site visit. ​


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Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation

Electronic Shelf Labelling Installation